Learning during Covid Pandemic

created on Jan 13, 2021 by SAJITHA

Online class for 10th students began with the support of our well wishers. 15 students were provided tabs and they attend class regularly from 12th September 2020. Special Thanks to SPARSH. 

Only 28% of our students are accessible through phones. But in order to support them in their studies, we make small booklets with questions, puzzles, library books and also art materials for them to engage meaningfully with studies. We provide them twice every month. 

To provide support materials for parents who has to shoulder multiple responsibilities, we have developed videos to help the foundational skills like Marathi, English and Maths.. 34 videos were developed with voluntary contribution of our well-wishers

We trained community members to teach thus providing onsite support to grade 1 and 2 students. Also initiated ‘aai-babanchi shala’ where parents were given a list of activities that they can do at home with their young children.