To bridge the information and opportunity gap.

When we commenced our intervention with students from Class 5 to 7:

Only 30% of the students could read simple passages

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Only 38% could write a simple story

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Our approach

“What is 35 minus 18 (35-18)?” One of the SAJAG teachers asked Rahul, a Class 6 student. He performed the calculation mentally; first subtracting 10 from 35, then 8 to arrive at the right answer-17. However, he could not solve a similar equation in his notebook. He is the third child in a family of six managed by a single mother. He is enrolled in school and during summer break he supports his mother by selling mangoes. Rahul is witty but his performance at school is poor. His writing is not at all satisfactory, leading teachers to conclude that he is weak in studies. SAJAG understood his strengths and weaknesses, recognised the learning gaps and guided him accordingly. With personal attention and regular supervision at SAJAG, Rahul now solves complex mathematical problems with ease.


To provide foundational primary school level skills: literacy (basic Marathi, English), numeracy, comprehension, communication and social-emotional skills to children from economically weak households in the peripheral areas of the Mumbai metropolitan region.Our mission has children at the core.A triumvirate of key stakeholders: parents, primary school teachers and local schools, the immediate and principal agents of change in children’s lives, is structured around this core. With a child-centric focus, we engage with these three allies as well to effectively deliver foundational skills to children. We impart basic literacy to parents also, and work in conjunction with teachers to complement lessons taught in school.

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