Home Based Learning Initiative with Chimple App and Online Class

created on Jun 2, 2021 by SAJITHA

As the 2nd wave calms down, so is the routine of our online class. The period of May- June was strainful with team working online and interaction with parents only through phone. But with the motivation of parents and our team, we formed a batch of 22 students of grade 1 and 2. Training as to how to use Google Meet App was given  to parents and the month of May began with online classes. Batches were formed and plans were set. 

Parents' and Students response to the online class was amazing. They were happy to interact over phone, they were listening to stories, responding to books, learning to read and write. This motivated our teachers. Even students who had gone to native place before lockdown participated from their village. New students joined. They were initially shy as the old students were dominating the discussion. But now they have also become part of the group. 

The biggest challenge was to monitor their homework. But this was solved with the help of Chimple Learning App. The Learning App helps teachers to monitor the students of their usage. The students are able to practice the foundational skills of english, maths and digital skills.  Students are motivated to use phones and hence the learning App is a great attraction. With the games and activities in the App, the students practice and learn. Teachers are able to monitor them too. 

If there had been a gap of this interaction during lockdown, the learning loss would have been high. Without any external resources, facing many challenges, the parents are trying their best to educate them. If recharge is difficult, they share their phone with friends.  Being in a close-knit community, this has been possible. Our community teacher is a big source of support during such times of problems. 

With the support of Chimple Learning App, our quality of monitoring improved and so is the student time on learning activity. Taking each problem as a challenge and solving it, our team and the students and thus our Learning Centre is growing.  

Link to Chimple App:- //bit.ly/chimplegoogleplayF